Welcome to vStrips

A flight progress strip management system

Designed for realistic aerodrome control operations on the VATSIM network

By Controllers, For Controllers

vStrips is a flight strip bay plug-in designed to provide a system for the management and control of virtual aircraft at an aerodrome, for Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) using the EuroScope Controller Client on the VATSIM ATC network in the UK.

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vStrips is currently the only EuroScope plugin for use on the VATSIM network that emulates the UK Electronic Flight Progress Strip system (EFPS).

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We are working with real world UK air traffic controllers to ensure vStrips is as close to the real UK electronic flight strip system as possible.

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vStrips should be simple and easy to install and start using.


The vStrips development team is looking for enthusiastic and skilled C# programmers to assist with development. If you are interested please contact Matt via email for more information.


We are currently looking for beta testers to help test new versions of vStrips. If you are intrested in applying to be a beta tester take a look at this page for more information and to apply.

vStrips is a free program which can be downloaded by any member of the VATSIM network.

Download vStrips